A fortress at night - Environment Art

Softwares used: Unreal Engine 4, Maya, Zbrush, WorldMachine, Photoshop, Knald, Topogun, Speedtree, Marvelous Designer, Marmoset Toolbag, Substance Painter & Designer

This project is a real-time game world environment, running inside UE4. I use a wide variety of techniques for example DX11 based tessellation for distance based rock displacement, I also used WorldMachine to generate a believable terrain, from the exported base I sculpted inside UE4, Knald was used extensively to generate the normal, height, ao, curvature and convexity maps from input textures maps.

I also used Cascade to make the particle effects for the fires and waterfalls around the level.
I used SpeedTree for this project, to generate believable, realistic behaving and appealing trees and other plants.
I made extensive use of Photoshop for texturing, with Marmoset Toolbag to instantly visualize said textures on the meshes.

I used the node based shader editor to create the shaders, which breathes life into the level. For example distance based tessellation, which essentially changes the polycount and keeps the silhouette of the object intact all on the fly, mostly on rocks, avoiding the popping of LODs based on the position of the object.
Essentially, with one tileable dirtmask near infinite amount of variation is achievable.

I delved into the abyss of blueprint to construct a spline based mesh-systems to create ropes and the overhanging ladder, both which can be edited in the engine.

Please note that the rope system hasn`t been added at this point to UE4